Sunday, October 19, 2008

Terry's composition about God

After mass last night, Terry approached Missy's guitar, which I was holding. I asked him if he played and he started strumming away as he took the guitar from me. And he said "yes, I play". He started showing off to my delight of course ... I had my private concert. He's our new youth coordinator and he had just moved here a few weeks ago. He's also recently married to a wonderful lady named Barbara. He said that he was thinking of setting up a "praise and worship" session. I said that would be really exciting. I love praise and worship. Even if I don't sing as well as others, I love to sing about God. I love to feel the music and I love to pour out my heart, my tears and just let go and let the music embrace me. Afterall, singing is praying twice.

Terry shared his moment of doubt about his faith and came up with this composition as if God spoke to say: I am your Father, you are my child. You are not a child of darkness, but a child of day. Thanks Terry for this inspiring piece of music. I look forward to our praise and worship sessions at John XXIII.

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