Saturday, May 24, 2008

Following your passion

I've never heard such a loud message in my life as this - FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. Since February, when I first gave a talk to a group of Singles for Christ in Milan, Italy, I've been bombarded by the messages of living life with passion, of pursuing your passion of making God your passion. I came back from that Empowerment Weekend with a certain high. I felt the passion in my life.

But what is passion? Is it just that torrid kissing scene in the movie? Is it that burning heat between two lovers? It's more than that! It's a strong commitment to a cause or someone. Commitment being a conscious decision and not just a fleeting feeling.

I've never really been a prolific speaker but when I get passionate about something, I can talk on the topic forever. One of the topics that really gets me going is the topic of GOD. Ever since I was small, I've always been drawn to the Church. I always gave the rites and sacraments so much importance and if I could follow it to the letter, I would. But of course, that was just the mechanical Catholic in me. It was not as meaningful as it could be. It wasn't lip service either. I truly believed that by following the rules and regulations of religion, I could claim salvation. Was I wrong! My life as a wanderer has taught me that the golden rule of "Do unto others as you want others to do unto you" is possibly the best way to prove your love to God and to begin the journey of faith and salvation.

There ... I started talking about something that was close to my heart and I could go on and on.

Going back to my talk on passion ... in February it was the Power of Passion, then Mama gives me a book on "40 Stories of Passion" of people who continue to feed the fire in their bellies in serving God and humanity. Then my recent talk on Discovering Your Passion - not just for your life partner but most importantly to God - the source of all passion and love.

Last Wednesday, I chanced upon a reflection on creativity and passion which remembered Madeleine L'Engle and her most renowned works and how one must discipline himself to write. I also opened up a book telling me to write my own book. Then as I was walking to church, a leaflet was on the sidewalk and it said "Follow your passion". It was too uncanny!!! I picked it up (even if it was dirty and was a Marlboro advertisement). God works in mysterious ways and I have neglected my writing for a long time.

So, I thought what was God telling me? I have never been so passionate in my life as to talk about God. There are other things that I could do for a lifetime but I don't know what am supposed to do to bring out the passion in me. I know I should write, but write what? I know I have many thoughts that could better see light than be stored in my dimly lit mind.

It's still one big question mark. I've buried all passion in my life that I don't know which one I should pull out. I have been just okay but just okay is not enough. As from the talk, we should strive for excellence in everything - note in everything, whatever it may be.

So ... hopefully by writing here, I am making a step towards fulfilling that passion and feeding that fire in my belly that hopefully will enkindle other souls. I want to burn with passion for what I do in life, I want to burn for God.

The final message of my talk is: Live life and love with passion!