Tuesday, July 24, 2007

movin' on out

i didn't think i would feel like this ... not so soon.

the movers came this monday and started packing up mama's things. it was all so definite. i felt a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach. i felt my heartbeat and i cringed at the thought - she's leaving at last.

it's been a roller coaster of dates of departure. she was due to leave in february. she was extended till june then she almost went at the end of june and now till the end of july but actually leaving second week of august.

it didn't sink in that my mother and all the family i have in geneva are actually leaving. the movers have packed up almost 80 per cent of the house. tita minda doesn't have a bed anymore. there are no furnitures in the living room.


it's now friday and the movers have finally loaded all the things in the container. bye bye white toyota celica. bye bye everything. the neighbours will also be missed. it's all coming so suddenly.

now, the bluewin tv guy is here at my apartment setting up the tv. everything is happening at the same time, i can't feel sad yet. maybe it's better this way.

i will write more as the move becomes final and post pictures too.