Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Time doesn’t change, people do

I was talking to a friend today and as we were discussing our common problems, it occurred to me…time doesn’t change, people do. Or at least people change to catch up with the time.

Life moves even if we don’t, and we are stuck in a race that we may not have enough stamina to run. It’s either we pace ourselves or be outrun by time.

I was saying this to my friend as I lay in bed, voiceless from exhaustion and exposure to the cold. I have been spreading myself too thinly and the bread just got stiff.

I was trying to do everything at the same time, never saying no to requests, pushing myself too hard until I finally gave out.

I needed to know that I had a limit too. Waking up Sunday morning and being voiceless gave me that reality check. It wasn’t the first time I lost my voice due to over-exerting myself. But I didn’t learn then and I am re-learning the lesson now.

I can’t be the Superwoman I want to be. I am not built that way. Even if my intentions are good, if I spread myself too thinly, everyone suffers not just the bread I’m supposed to flavor. Everything goes to waste because I didn’t give enough. The taste is stale and worthless.

So, it’s really up to people to change or at least to pace themselves to cope up with time because there will only be 60 seconds to a minute, 60 minutes to an hour and 24 hours to a day. Count what’s important.