Wednesday, October 22, 2008

collective energies

i am a product of collective energies - a sum of all the parts that define me. a friend of mine asked me once - where do i get the time and energy to do what i do, to write and to have insights ... it's primarily God - he's the oil that keeps me running smoothly. but it's also everything around me - the people i meet, the situations i am in, the places i go to and the "sunshine" that enters into my life. i simply digest all that is given me and give out the product.

some people say i am an intense person. i think they say that because i am sometimes very animated and enthusiastic about people and things. i get that way with everything because every thing has meaning for me. i get that way even with people i've only met for the first time. sometimes, i can't help myself like i'm on autopilot.

i believe things happen for a reason. i don't try to analyse every situation as to what the particular purpose may be but i cherish the moment that leads me to discovery. i take pleasure in each step of the journey. i stop to smell the flowers, observe the dirt, kick the stone, take mental images, sing, think, walk, run, reflect, bask in the sun or moon.

i used to be a maniacal multitasker. i get restless and i start moving around in circles. i didn't like quiet time because i thought that it wasted energy. why did i need to sleep when i could be doing so many other things? but i now know that i need it because this is the time that all the energies that i've collected in my life is processed to make a product or byproducts and to produce more energy.

oftentimes, i get sick when my mind has outrun its body. and that's when i stop to think, why am i doing all these things and i start reprioritizing and looking for energies to rejuvenate me. God is always an ample source so he's the first pit stop. next are the people that give me much love and make me feel special. i like to bask in their light because it refreshes me. when i've soaked enough, then i start producing my own light and then try to give of that energy. then it becomes a myriad of energy fields touching one another so that energy is never depleted.

if i ran on my own energy pack, i think i would have burnt out a long time ago.

i am grateful for all the energies that have touched me ... especially the love that multiplies itself in me ... i am a product ... of all your energies. thank you for sharing your energy with me.

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