Wednesday, October 22, 2008

serendipity at lunch

have you ever felt sometimes that when you meet someone, it's like looking into a mirror? you share the same spirit, the same visions, the same journey? i think i met a fellow wanderer today and someone who shares the same passion for life.

it was such a light meeting and we exchanged hearty smiles over lunch and just spoke of life. it was as we both used the word many times, "beautiful".

it was great to talk to someone who understood what it's like to give and to give freely. to have the same passion of giving of one's self not because it's asked of you, but because you're happy to give of yourself - no questions asked. there were no pretentions, no ifs and or buts. if i had a tape recorder, i would have recorded the whole conversation so i could recapture the moment here ... in this blog.

she spoke with much passion for her former profession as teacher. she loved seeing the children open up and to discover things. but most importantly she said that it was important to pass on the "passion" for teaching to teachers as much as to teach the children. it isn't enough just to teach mechanically, you need the passion to serve as she called it. she likes to serve and to give of herself because it's what makes her happy. she spoke that her life's mission was not just to "be" but to "inspire". i said she inspired me. it was an inspirational meeting for me.

i felt light to talk to someone who had dreams she wasn't afraid to pursue and to appreciate and be grateful for every moment because it served a purpose. it was time to move away from the "standing water" of life. and she made her resolve to move forward. i pray that she will achieve and attain her heart's desires as she embarks on a new journey in her life.

she said that at 7 or 8 years old, she felt the need to write her experiences for future's sake. i understand how she feels as i cannot live without writing. i need to share my thoughts if not just to let them out of my self so that i can examine each thought, each feeling, each situation as it is reflected in the written words.

she mentioned "flower" and that a "seed" was planted. i said i liked her analogy as i onced asked a question while i was still in iraq and was working there ... as to how some documents had come to be. i am now part of the team that makes those documents. after some years, i had gotten my answer. indeed, there is a perfect time for everything and every question is answered in due time.

i had a tear in my eye when i ended lunch. i was happy and light.

so i am grateful and i feel blessed to have met such a person today. i now call her friend. she is a friend. thank you for inspiring me and thank you for being you.

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