Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Parent by Proxy

For the sixth time, I will become a parent, a godparent that is! My first godchild is Joshua Daniel, the son of one of my relatives who used to live with us during her university days. I was 16 at that time. I had to ask if I was old enough to be a godparent. I was so excited. But due to my travels, I've only seen him twice ever since his christening.

My next godchild is Billie. He is the lovely son of one of my closest university friend, Lemon. I was only too shocked to find out that my friend was pregnant, then married and all of a sudden, I have a second godchild. I treasure him even if I don't get to visit often.

My third and fourth godchildren come from my high school barkada. Carylle is the daughter of Elizabeth and Althea is the daughter of Gracia. I am very fond of Carylle as I've held her. Althea, I haven't had a lot of interaction but I hope to when I return for vacation or for good.

My fifth godchild is Tia Gabrielle. She is the angel among four - three boys and she, the youngest of Cesca's brood. She recently came home to the Philippines from Abu Dhabi, UAE.

My sixth and I'm thinking it won't be the last godchild is Cassandra Phoebe. She is the daughter of my high school classmate, Mark Olesco.

It is sometimes unimagineable how time flies. But time is so evident when you see a growing child. At one instant, they are babies that are dependent on you. The next glance yields a crawling and walking toddler. Then they begin school. They learn to be independent. Then they move through life exceedingly fast and before you know it, they've become full grown adults with children of their own. Where did time go? The evidence is in the child and the greying hair on your head or the absence thereof.

It is a wonderful feeling to be a parent. I am not one yet, but I can imagine it. Having godchildren sort of makes you a parent. Being a godparent carries a lot of responsibilities. It's more than just giving presents on special occasions, it's about standing in as a parent, spiritually and otherwise, a guide for the godchild. A godparent will become the second parent in the unfortunate event that the parents pass this life and no one is there to take care of the child. God forbid that happens! But essentially, being a godparent boils down to that kind of responsibility.

I feel honored to be chosen for each child that I have to be a godparent too. And hopefullly, with God's help, I can be a good one. Rearing a child, even if not from my own womb, is a great blessing in itself.

Thank you to all my kumares and kumpares for choosing me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


The roads that lead from one place to another are not always easy. Many obstacles and challenges often line the trail of journeys.

In a wanderer's life, there seems to be long stretches of roads that lead to nowhere but every strip of land must be traveled. There are short distances where the end is in sight but there are also highways that seem infinite.

At some point in time, the road looks endless and a wanderer becomes weary. I would ask myself is it worth the wait? Is it worth the trek? Is it worth the sweat?

There are stages where I am in a desert panting for precious water. What looks like an oasis, is a mirage. Nothing is at it seems and the scorching sun is at my nape. I hold my neck in pain and take a needed rest.

While resting, I look back at my many falls into ravines, crevices and walks through valleys. It seemed dark at the bottom but there was promise of light. And for that, I could walk on even if it be inch by inch. And at the end I find myself relieved and glad for having walked the path.

Every road has an end, and every end has a beginning. There are many ways to get to one destination and many people to meet on the journey. Sometimes, we stumble and fall. Oftentimes, we look at our scars and mourn for our wounds. But usually, we move on. The rock that caused the fall only pushes us to move forward to make the journey worth the effort.

And hopefully, at the end of each road is a reward for having traveled the length of such an arduous expedition. If it should lead to another road, then all the better, for there are many more things to see, many more things to do, many things to learn, more people to meet, many more lives to touch, and many more opportunities to be touched by another life.

What is a journey if not to get to a destination...a certain hope that meets fulfilment around the bend...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Aug. 1 - Swiss National Day at Commune Soral

a photographer's favorite subject - les pieds.

slippers, slippers, where shall you take me in lausanne?