Thursday, October 09, 2008

opaque realities

i just got home from watching a film called "mirrors" by alex aja, with kiefer sutherland as leading man. it was one of the rare moments where i'd appreciated a good scare because the movie had such a wonderful twist. think back "sixth sense". i don't want to spoil the plot for everybody though ...

but here's some realizations:

1. we paint our own realities
2. we can be trapped in them
3. there's nothing more important than family
4. dying to one's self is really the way to love
5. we don't always see the same things even if they look the same
6. demons are real
7. evil exists
8. the good prevails

maybe i'll expound later when the film is a bit older.

i encourage everyone to watch it as it gives insight as to how we paint our realities, how life is short and that if we don't clear up the picture of our lives and see what's important, then we're just living in an opaque reality.

if you just want a good scare ... it's nice to watch too.

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