Wednesday, October 08, 2008

a blessing to many ...

she was born into a hindu family but her faith journey of 33 years took her to the foot of the Cross. from india, to the middle east, to switzerland, it has been a journey to God - living the Gospel's giving up everything - even leaving the family she loves. this year, she was received into the universal catholic church and her story doesn't end there ... every day she gives praise to God. she offers her life. she says to me "i cannot make one step without God".

she has had three deaths in her family in the last year and just recently her sister. she is consumed by pain yet she feels light. she knows that God will take care of her.

i am blessed to have her as my friend. to receive warm hugs from a person that even through her own sorrow would say that she loves me and hug me tight. i feel the love that Christ has given her that has left her whole despite all the brokenness of this world.

we talked last night and she told me that once she starts talking about her life, people are touched. i believe her. i myself is teary eyed as i remember her life, as i write about it. she is such a blessing. all she wants is to speak of God. she is discerning whether God is calling her to be in His service as a nun.

not a day passes when she doesn't go to Mass. she sits in the same place and it was my mom who got to know her. (they even have the same birthday.) they were "classmates" at daily Mass. even though a hindu, she went to Mass and didn't receive communion. my mom never asked her why. she only told me yesterday that after her conversion, my mom commented "ah. now i know why you didn't receive communion". she considers my mom as her mom too so that makes us sisters. i'm blessed to have her as a sister because i am an only girl with four brothers. i look up to her strength of faith, her character, her total surrender to His Will ... to a life lived in testimony of God's love.

she repeated it many times during our conversation last night. love. love. love. yes, we are all called to love and to love God with all our hearts, mind and soul, she emphasized.

she asked me to write her story and i am honoured. i hope that i will give justice and legacy to a life that has inspired so many. a life that even though life's struggle has beaten her physical body, her spirit is whole and in the tender loving care of God the Father, cradled in the arms of God the Son and breathed with zeal for God's work by the Holy Spirit.

God bless you, Ate Jenny. I love you very much.

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