Monday, October 13, 2008

intellectualizing love

we were four women seated around a little round table, sipping our caramel machiattos and white mocca cafe and talking about the most pressing thing that could ever be talked about - love! as each of us opened up on the topic, it wasn't something that was utterly cerebral but mostly heartfelt statements that emanated from the core of love - the heart.

one of us even cried as she remembered a love past and how she would go on in the present and move on to the future. we had among us a married woman who offered us practical advice and lessons learned on embarking on relationships that are bound to last a lifetime. what to look for? what to expect? she gave this salient advice: you have to be on the same page and share the same dreams or goals because you need to move in one direction. otherwise, it would just be unnecessary tugging.

i cherished that moment when the four of us sat there baring our souls. laughing, crying and giving advice.

later that evening, i spoke to another friend. and that's when i realized that you cannot intellectualize love. there is no amount of discussion or analysis that could quantify, qualify or detail in a report a love worth a lifetime. sometimes to even put reasoning to love becomes illogical in itself because the mind sometimes cannot fathom love. only the heart understands.

i watched vicky christina barcelona last saturday and i remember the line of the leading man, juan antonio, when he spoke about his father's poetry not being pubished: it's a form of rebellion to produce great works and to withhold it to the public because after thousands of years, man still has not learned to love.

love sometimes happens at the most unexpected moments like lightning striking. to try to understand it with the mind would become futile if the heart is not giving a prodding. one must try to comprehend love in the unit that it is measured: love.

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