Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mirror, mirror on the wall - i'm not the fairest of them all ...

how many times have you looked into the mirror and thought this to yourself? how many times do you wish that you had a different set of teeth, curlier locks or straighter strands, a taller nose, angelina-like pouting lips? when were you last satisfied when you looked in the mirror?

i sometimes think to myself, what if i had this and that talent? wouldn't it be great? i said that out loud once ... and i was reproached! a friend told me, "that would be too much! you would've gotten everything!" i thought to myself, i'm being selfish and greedy. and i don't rejoice enough in the talents that God has given me. i might not even be utilizing them all and i'm already asking for more??? it's really selfish!

there are times when we think to ourselves - what is my worth in this life? am i making a difference? what if i had this, i could! you can make a difference now! you are that one unique person in the world.

when you go shopping, do you look for that shirt that everybody else has? NO! you wouldn't want to be walking around town to see that someone else had something on like yours. so, why are we sometimes hoping that we had the same personalities, talents, skills and what-have-yous that the jones', the dela cruzes' and which ever neighbour, friend, lover, idol has?

you are your unique superstar! even if you don't believe it, you serve a particular purpose in this world. you are short, you are tall, you are pretty, you are special, you are you - 1 in 6 billion! i remember the movie simon birch. he was small, he had a deformity and he was to die young. but he had a certain skill that little children listened to him. when a field trip went awry and the children plunged into the icy cold water, he being a small person could fit into the little school bus window to help the children escape to safer ground. and with his authoritative voice he calmed all the children so that they could make it out. he saved everybody but his lungs didn't recover from the water exposure. but that was his purpose. God was so wise to make him as small as he was, as authoritative as he was and he always wanted to be a hero .. and he was.

and because we are essentially all equal in our uniqueness, there is also no need to be judgemental of others or to think one is more superior than another. if we look at a big jigsaw puzzle, all pieces don't look alike. they are different shapes and it's in these different shapes that everything fits because if everything were square, it would be confusing to tell which piece belonged without first seeing the big picture. but if we are oddly shaped, even without seeing the big picture, we know it works because it fits!

i was talking to my friend the other day and she thought that she never thinks of anyone as inferior to herself. i congratulated her because that was the right way of thinking. there is honestly something different everyone can offer. we can make a difference. just look at an impressionist painting. the same scenery would never look alike. monet, manet and all artists rejoice in their differences. why can't we?

so let's not try to best each other ... let's just celebrate each other's differences and glorify the Lord that He has made us so different that we've become the spice of someone's life - be it lover, friend, family, as father, mother, brother, sister ... even as a stranger.


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