Tuesday, September 09, 2008

an extra Special birthday

love. that was what i felt today. i was surrounded by so many of my closest friends here in geneva and also that i've just met but even then, they still made me feel special. we were 25 people fitting in a cramped studio and each one telling their stories and laughing and smiling and making everybody feel welcome. i wish i didn't have neighbours today so that everybody could continue in their boisterous laughter. it was so infectious and i didn't want it to stop. i felt so much joy and love in my heart for everyone that came and made it special. i felt the love even from distant lands. when i received my phone today (which i left in france during the weekend), i had 21 greetings. it was so touching. some people tried to call. some sent messages twice thinking i didn't receive it the first time. sorry guys, i didn't have my phone. for the pictures, here's the link.


again, thank you to everybody.

love you guys.

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