Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"they don't like nice people"

i was just in the toilet (yes, i go frequently ... hehe ) and there i met one of my arab colleagues. she said "they don't like nice people ... people with good hearts". i was stunned ... what was she talking about? she was talking about all the controversies enveloping her life right now as she is applying for a promotion. she was speaking french, arab and english and i could barely understand everything. she is on her way to retirement but they don't want to promote her and she has collated some of the bad things that's been said about her. i only know her side so i cannot make a judgement. but she said, "just because they think i'm so nice, i will not fight back". i could only encourage my iraqi friend and said to ignore them, after all, she was near retirement. she said but it hurts and she points to her heart. she comments "look what happened to iraq, do you think i care about that measley little francs!"

it's true sometimes that we don't care for nice people when we want to put our agenda ahead. it happens that good people are walked on. coming from a school where oppression is not tolerated, i feel pity for her. i do hope she fights back. but she said herself that she doesn't want any trouble, not now ... it's near retirement.

why does it happen?

i used to work in a government office and i had a friend who was in the same job for 10 years. he wanted to get the promotion that he so badly needed. instead, they gave it to someone less qualified. he suspects because it was because he knew too much. it was awful because even his boss didn't stick up for him. the office was divided. it became a hostile working environment. was it wrong for him to be capable and nice, to be able to do his job competently? why are good people punished sometimes? there's a joke that says "don't do your job too well or else they will never let you go". sometimes it's true. but at least now, when the office was reorganized his post was reclassified. he was able to get the promotion that would affirm his capabilities. he deserved it! he was doing tasks for an assistant director and he was only planning officer I.

i hope that people will continue to fight for injustices that are happening around them, to stick up for what is right and to put a stop to oppression. we are all responsible in making sure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect for their human rights.

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