Monday, June 13, 2005

Just when you thought...

No one was watching!

I have access to the ILO Intranet Live Broadcasts of the Conference. I thought everyone knew that the proceedings were being broadcast live. But not for these two ladies who are sitting in the ILO Governing Body room.

I thought, yeah, they're just talking knowing that the camera was on, which by the way, is on 24/7. Then, I saw the girl with blonde hair and white shirt start flicking her hands away from her body while seated in one of the movable swivel chairs. It appeared she was irritated at something and used her hands with very empathic gestures to demonstrate her story to her colleague .

The other lady, sitting in her own swivel chair, apparently also clueless of the taped room is swinging her chair around and has her shoe-less feet slung over the arm of the chair.

As I'm writing this, some developments occurred in the live broadcast. I don't have audio so I could only suppose that the old man who just came in and spoke to the two ladies told them off as they disappeared and rearranged the chairs.


I used to be in Baghdad and it took a month for house permits to be issued. Houses were inspected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and informally, everyone knew the house was being "bugged" that's why it took so long to approve and for permits to be issued.

I was always so paranoid as I got undressed in my room and with the vent facing my bed. I couldn't think of any other place where they could put a bug or a camera in my room. I never went up the vent to look but I always had paranoid conspiracy theories brewing in my mind. We always talked in the garden if were going to say something too critical for the "bugs" to hear.

Today, I see these two clueless ladies sitting in a room and their every move broadcast for the hundreds of staff members to see and I'm reminded of my Baghdad experience.

And just when you thought no one was looking!

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