Friday, June 10, 2005

in the world today, there aren't a lot of things that man can do that woman can't. today, i was driven home by a female taxi driver. getting off my shift at an unholy hour, i was greeted by an old lady donning a skirt and driving a honda of a taxi.

in the philippines, feminism seems to be on the rise yet one hardly sees female taxi drivers. the country is too dangerous for it. but here in geneva, it still surprises to see women taxi drivers.

i am a watered-down feminist. i must admit i still expect men to open doors for me. but then again, chivalrous gentlemen are a dying breed.

as i alighted from her taxi, the lady waited outside for a moment while filling up the taxi bon i presented her. i pay in taxi bon given by the office. no money passes through my hands. in the last three times i had to take a taxi home and i had male drivers, no one waited for me to get in. makes me think...

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Paeng said...

basta ako may policy sa MRT at bus. unless yung babae ay may dalang bata, o may dalang mabigat na bag, o kaya naman ay senior citizen, wala akong paki. hindi ko pauupuin.

dati, may dalawang babaeng prof sa faculty room na nagbubuhat ng karaoke. tinanong ako nung iba kong kasama, bakit daw di ko tinulungan. sabi ko kaya naman nila e, kaya ngang buhatin yun ng iisang tao lang e. sa K-G nga, babae nagbubuhat ng drums at gong. eto, karaoke lang. :p