Saturday, June 11, 2005

i stare into the pitch black darkness that surrounds my office. it is 2:46 a.m. and my head is throbbing from lack of sleep. i have been nocturnal for the last five days and it has taken its toll on my body.

i thought that i could manage my change of shifts as i was a natural insomniac. but the lack of real sleep has deprived my mind of alertness and acuity. i am dropping objects, i am less focused. even if i don't feel tired, my throbbing head makes it difficult to do anything else.

i have not written in longhand (this was written before typed) and i find my handwriting in disarray lacking its usual graceful strokes and carefully written letters.

but i have to peel myself off the pc before my head starts hurting again. it is a wonder i can still write longhand. i miss writing into my diaries.

i make this down time at the office my opportunity to engage my hand in old-fashioned pen-to-paper writing.

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