Sunday, May 22, 2005

SFC Graduation Day

Today, I graduated from the six-week Christian Life Program Seminar which formally makes me a bonafide Singles for Christ member. After a year in Geneva and many invitations later, I decided to participate. The members eventually stopped inviting me but it was time I thought that I made myself a formal member. I have been tagging along long enough with my mom and my brothers who are all members of the Couples for Christ ministries.

It felt right six weeks ago to join. It gave me something to look forward to every Sunday. I heard many teachings. The usual 13-week seminar was condensed into six weeks here with two talks per Sunday except for the first Sunday which had three talks including the orientation talk.

It made me sadder to graduate rather than happier. I was going to part with all the participants as we break off into our smaller groups called "households" which has meetings once a week. I should be happy though because it is the end of something only to find a new beginning as a member of the SFC. Like a book, you must close one chapter, to open a new one. And you will never know if the next chapter is more exciting if you can't let go of the first chapters.

At the dedication ceremony where the older members prayed over us, a covenant was made. We promised to devote more time to the Lord, turn away from sin, and be of service to others. One could call it hard, but it only becomes hard if we choose to hold on to things that causes us to sin. "The spirit is willing but the body is weak."

As I begin my new journey as an SFC, I wonder what is in store for me. My facilitator, whose household I belong to is like an angel. She sends the right texts at the right time and it always uplifts my spirit to see God's messages in the form of human compassion and love. I look forward to meeting with my new sisters in Christ.

As the other members of the ministries were welcomed, praise songs were sung and old and new members alike hugged and kissed in familiar fashion. It was an awesome sight.

The new members had to make a sharing. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to speak. I was so nervous but I had expected it so I had something prepared. Although, I never really speak the way I plan to. But it went well nonetheless.

Six weeks is long enough to become a habit but short enough to miss it. I pray that all of the new members will grow in God's love.

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riadiosa said...

fiey, i hope you find the answers to your questions thru SFC. if not, i know that no one will be lost pag kasama si Lord. =)