Sunday, May 22, 2005

I walked into the platform of life without any thoughts. No ideas of what to expect. No guide. A blank page and only my legs to take me where I should be. My destination – unknown.

Unexpectedly, I saw life in a hurry. I grew up too fast. Was demanded to act a certain way. At a quick glance, forced to give up my childhood.

I came to where I was led. My legs didn’t know right from wrong. I entered into situations where it was questionable and most of the time, not understandable or even uncomfortable.

This is my life. I am constantly seeking a path that will lead to fulfillment, happiness, and at the same time a road that will ensure my place in heaven.

It is a difficult task to know where to go. It’s even harder to follow a path that you think may not be for you but you end up threading it because you don’t know where else to go.

I find it awesome to meet people who have known all their lives, what they wanted from it. They knew how to get to where they wanted to be. I think it is a gift to know and to have achieved a dream. I think it is in that dreaming that we become most alive. If we don’t give up hope, there is always something to look forward to.

Having no means to an end may cause a problem for some but for the true dreamers, no obstacle is too hard to hurdle.

I am 24, a secretary, abroad, sometimes unhappy, but sufficiently blessed with good friends and family. I don’t know what I want from my life. But I know I want to write. What about? I don’t know. I seem to have random thoughts. They are all random thoughts. Maybe in time, the big picture will reveal itself.

I never take anything for granted. There is a lesson worth learning in each experience, however mundane.

As I walk daily to that path that I should take, if indeed it is even “my” path, I fill the pages of my life. I can see my happiness, my sadness, my weakest moments, and the peaks of my life.

Where will my feet take me next? What stories will fill the pages of my book of life? What compass will lead me to my path? Shall I travel alone or with someone?

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