Thursday, May 12, 2005

oh happy day....

today has been one of the genuinely happy days of my life. i had a good day at the office. not too stressful. enjoyed a crossword puzzle with one of my colleagues.

then, i saw my priest and possibly had one of the better confessions in my life. i didn't even cry this time. i usually do. i always feel like crying during confession. i don't know why. he gave me good advice and some jokes too.

after that, i sat with a good friend and drank some tea and ate some cake. we even tried to do math together. even if i wanted to help, i couldn't remember the mathematical calculations.

upon getting home, i ate some nice salad. then, i walked with my little brother to the park and he asked me all sorts of questions about anything and everything. we even see-sawed. both of us tried the monkey bars but it hurt our hands because of the cold metal. the shared time was great though.

on our way back home, we saw rantan, a golden retriever. my youngest brother walks him now and his owner showed us some tricks he could do. we even met up with his fellow dog. they've known each other for almost 3 years now. rantan understands spanish, while the other was an english-understanding dog.

having had so many activities, it was fitting to watch a movie and have family time with both my brothers. we sat down to watch "super size me." the horror!!! but it was informative and funny. it was a perfect night cap.

and now, i am beside my mother typing away and recounting my day. i shall savor the memories of the day.

good night world. i hope you have a good and happy day to greet you.

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