Monday, May 02, 2005

being my mother's daughter

sometimes, it is hard to be my mother's daughter. i am not as free as some children can be. when we left for her first posting, she said, "remember, you are an extension of me and by that you also represent the philippines." i took this to heart.

i thought it wouldn't be so hard. but sometimes it is. i wrote an article recently which i wanted to send for the philippine daily inquirer's "youngblood" but upon reading it, my mother said it could not be printed because it was critical of philippine government.

i felt so frustrated but she explained to me that it might endanger her position since she works for the philippine government. sigh...she apologized for this and said, if i weren't her daughter, it could be printed.

the iraqi ambassador said, "tell your mom to resign, so you can write." i just laughed.

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tintin said...

plead "freedom of the press."
if you're really set on conveying your thoughts, im sure you'll find a way. :) would it be too much to ask if you would please post that article here? im sure gloria doesn't blog. :)