Friday, August 01, 2008

dream, dream, dream .... dreeeaaam

we were in a hall of sorts preparing for a singing competition or concert. we were practising. i was facing a wall with bleachers and my things were spread on the bleachers. other participants would come up and talk to me and we'd exchange views.

cut scene: an office with people coming out. a place that seemed like a university. the people were on their way to the singing competition but would it breakfast first in this mess hall that looked like a university canteen. i thought i saw rae in the dream.

cut scene: i was in an office to look at something, maybe an exhibition but the floor was being cleaned or has been cleaned but the cleaning agent was still on the floor whilst, there was a meeting of organizers composed of filipinos and what seemed like spanish-looking people. i was with someone but i couldn't recognize her and we went into the office and it was slippery. the motion of my feet were circular trying to maintain my balance. each spot i tried to see that didn't have detergent or cleaning agent on it i would step to that area yet i would still catch the slippery part and again i would scramble for my balance as my feet move in circular motion. one of the organizers were trying to let us see the exhibit. finally as we were able to reach the exhibit ... (sequence ended)

cut scene: back to the competition hall there seemed to be drama. it wasn't apparent but i could feel it. i don't remember now if there was a singer missing. what i remember is coming back to the hall and meeting someone, a man who i would talk to. i don't remember all the parts of the dream now. the sequence ended at the competition hall.

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