Thursday, August 21, 2008

remembering teacher winnie

i remember my mom telling me that one of the judges at an oratorical contest i joined told her that i should have one that contest had i not forgotten my lines. i was 13 or maybe 14 at that time and was new to my school at pioneers in abu dhabi. teacher winnie was one of the teachers there and she was nice to me. and it so happened that she was the aunt of my future best friend cheng.

i always remembered teacher winnie as a smiling person, light to be around with and generally just nice. even after years and years of my departure from abu dhabi, i always remembered her kindness, her words of encouragement and what she told my mom. i remember her smiling in the park as we celebrated cheng's birthday. i think it was the first time i met cheng.

people like her are always embedded in my memory because she was someone who made you feel good about yourself.

when i read cheng's news that she had passed today, my chest was heavy. i couldn't breath. the news was so much of a shock. i tried to call cheng but i got her voice mail. i am so sorry that she was taken so soon and so young. she wasn't even 50.

i hope that wherever she is she is happy now. i hope that she will find rest in eternal life. i pray she is meeting God who made her so kind.

may teacher winnie rest in peace.

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