Monday, July 28, 2008

another dream seqence ... of a serial killer

missy and i were in a supermarket. you could see stacks and stocks of goods that spanned floor to ceiling like a warehouse supermarket. we stood in front of a door and she was telling me of a movie her family and she had watched. we were walking around the market and i put my hand around her arm and we walked, the way we sometimes do. she told me of this movie where a serial killer commits murders and how i would have liked the puzzling nature of it. i said "why didn't you ask me then?" she suddenly squeezes her arm with my hand in it walking quickly almost to the point of running. i'm puzzled, why? so someone wouldn't see. i didn't know who. we reached round the bend and found ourselves in the toilet. i was about to enter the cubicle and she was just on her way out of the door when the serial killer - the same one we were just talking about, the one in the movie - appeared on the reflection on the mirror. (her face was familiar and i didin't know why i recognized her but i seemed to have dreamed of her too and could see that it was her - the serial killer.) i thought i had just imagined it. the killer, a woman, was standing in her towering glory, with her crooked high nose her teased black hair in front of the bathroom window. i only realized that it was true when missy didn't leave. i was thankful she was going to stay. then a little baby girl came in playing around the space between missy and her. the killer was shooing out the girl. and she managed. i went in to the cubicle but not taking my eye off the killer and missy who was now in the cubicle next to me keeping me company. i tried to go and relieve myself. i had managed to let some out and i had closed my eyes to try to concentrate then suddenly when i looked up i saw the killer taking the curtain that separated the cubicles, wrapping it around her waist and standing tall and hovering in front of missy's stall. missy was seated on the toilet with the lid down. my heart was beating so fast. the killer turned around grabbed what seemed like vials of chemicals from the ledge near the mirror, sneered in a menacing way, her lips curled at the side letting her grin reveal her evil desires, her eyes full of intent, spread her arms as if to smash the vials. horror gripped us, i screamed NOOOOOOO! then i woke up.


i woke up with heavy breathing and a pain in my chest. it all seemed so real because in my dream, i had dreamed of the killer sitting on the bus. i was on a bus with a friend or may even be alone, sitting in the back next to a temporarily handicapped man whose leg was in a crutch and propped himself up with crutches. he went down a certain street in front of a house where a lady was standing inside her gates looking at the bus. this lady waited anxiously for the bus and watched the man get off the bus and seated herself next to me coming into the bus door as any passenger would and then the next dream sequence above started.

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