Thursday, August 07, 2008

bye bye laptop

as if my laptop wanted to go on vacation too, it finally conked out on me. i'm in the philippine embassy relating this story. after my mom shut down the computer yesterday, i woke up from my sleep but my laptop didn't. it had gone into a cyber coma allowing me only to get to the start up screen and not detecting the ethernet cable. and i would receive the message over and over again after i continually "press[ed] any key".

i thought to myself, indeed now i will be on vacation eventually even cutting me off from my cyber attachments in geneva.

i tried fixing it checking if the hardware were still intact. but i only had a mini screwdriver originally designed for my eyeglasses. as i tried to unscrew the tightly screwed screws of my laptop, i found that the size of the screwdriver was quite small and that any attempt at turning it only resulted in a slippery unsuccess. so, putting my mcgayver thinking cap on, i took a piece of rubber from my phone charger to prevent the handle from slipping. SUCCESS! i was able to unscrew about six screws until i found out that i would have to disassemble the whole laptop composing of more than 20 screws! so, i gave up as my thumbs were getting calloused from the unscrewing.

we'll be checking out of the hotel on saturday and hopefully our host and i could manage to resuscitate my laptop. otherwise, adios mi laptop!

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