Tuesday, July 22, 2008

wandering in my dreams

as far as i could remember, i've always had out-of-the-ordinary dreams. when i was younger, i would dream headless soldiers dressed in nutcracker-ish costumes running after us as we got on the back of a pickup truck or a headless priest on the back of a pickup truck. then there was the moulin rouge murderous musical. and bodily fluids in excess.

yesterday i dreamt i was on an airplane. i was in the middle east with some people i didn't really know. then all of a sudden, our old driver, duraid, in baghdad popped up holding my current hair clip. he looks at me and says, "this is all that's left. i've kept it." ... in my mind i'm thinking, aren't i wearing it. i didn't have that clip in baghdad. and then he says, "i've been trying to email you ..." then, he started asking if i knew of a job for him. i knew that he had gotten married in the midst of the US-Iraq war. then again i was on the airplane.

what could these dreams mean ...

i had dreams about aliens near a car before and many more fantastic stories only the sleeping mind can think of.

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