Monday, July 14, 2008

of french and interviews

today was a challenging day. in the morning, i had my french oral exam and in the afternoon, i had a job interview. on top of that, at the back of my mind, i was thinking about how my mom was doing. she's still in hospital and is recovering from gastro and has been diagnosed with ischemia - a heart condition. i used to think my mom was invincible but as she gets older, she's showing signs of frailty. i know it's normal. she can have whatever disease, as long as i die before her! i know that's asking a bit much but it just shows how important she is in my life. she's our only parent and it's difficult when she get's sick because we become orphans twice over.


on my french exam, i conjugated my verb wrongly and i kept repeating it. i wonder what it was like for the examiner to hear someone say "j'allerai" about three thousand times instead of the proper "j'irai". oh well ... i can't take it back now and i am trying my utmost to practice it. i guess maybe i should just get a french-speaking boyfriend as was recommended the first time i came here. maybe not~! hehe. hopefully, in that 15 minutes of describing a picture with my partner dmitro, we were able to make sense. he had to describe a young lady walking off into the sea. i had to describe a lady with her back turned to us. i just imagined she wanted to have a kid of her own that's why she was looking at her niece.


i had my job interview too. i hope i didn't appear overconfident and that what i said was true because my boss was there too. she kindly reminded that i'm just "one of the favorites" for urgents. i hope that they will see it as confidence and not overconfidence. i had to use some french too because they asked how my french was.


well, that's it for now. it was stomach churning but all in all, not life threatening so i guess i still have it blessed than most. i have nothing to complain about! i'm just glad it's all over. mama might be coming out of hospital tomorrow. i don't have to think about french for a while except to leisurely learn it on the street or whenever i can. as for my job, they said it's all just a formality. i can never be too sure. i just pray that all will be well.

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