Friday, March 17, 2006

is love a commitment? or what?

Buboyliit: let the commitment find their own love
Buboyliit: or let the love find its own commitment

I was talking to my friend, Parengchris aka Buboy Liit, last night. It might be a bit late for Valentine’s Day but love is never a seasonal subject, it’s the all-around topic.

So, is love a commitment?

It’s a difficult question. A friend said that being stupid is one of the prerequisite of being “in love” coz love makes you stupid. So, let us discuss the question again posed by buboy. So is being stupid a premise of love?

Before we tackle that, we have to define love. It is one of the vaguest words in the dictionary. It can be described as a “strong feeling”, “God” as in “God is love”, etc. What does being “in love” mean? Do we actually know what it means? Is it just a feeling we feel when we see someone we like for a long time? There goes my crush, “I love him” or “her”! Is that love?

Some of our ancestors married without love yet they eventually “learned” to love each other. So is love learned? Or do you just “feel” it? Or is it a commitment?

Last year, I was talking to Michelle, another friend, and she said, “feelings change all the time, we will always find someone better but we choose to love who we love because love is a commitment”. So love entails choosing someone. And we when we love, we choose to care for another human being and staying true them and “committed” to them no matter what.

Commitments are not always full of love but they can be. Think of mathematical subsets. Love is a commitment but commitment is not necessarily love. While the first subset still belongs to commitment, the second subset is not necessarily part of the same set. Confusing? Love is.

So, if love is not just a feeling but entails commitment. Commitment is not necessarily love-filled but could be, depending on the situation and the cause of the commitment. Things evolve all the time. Commitment can be love but love is always a commitment. Can love find itself committeed? Definitely! Parengchris, I hope I found the answer for you.


tata said...

i vote not.

JoNnABeBeH said...

"Love is free. Free is love." -John Lennon


p.a. said...

tata, bakit mo naman nasabi iyon? curious lang.

jonnahbebe, hehe. kung love is free, pwede syang dumapo kahit saan. pero walang commitment? para sa akin malaking part ang commitment sa love. ang pagiging committed ba ay equivalent sa pagiging hindi free? mutually exclusive ba? hmmm...

tontoronton said...

may sagot ako jan sa blog ko hahahahaha. awabyu.