Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bubble Keeper

Life deals the biggest blows sometimes. Some blows are harder than most and breaks that little protective bubble that you keep around yourself.

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone outside of your bubble, a friend but more than just a friend, actually a protector of bubbles of some kind, perhaps – a BUBBLE KEEPER.

Yeah, I got me one of those! A little in-house therapist of sorts. We are actually each other's bubble keeper. I tell my bubble keeper my daily happenings and what life's bitch has dealt me and i listen in turn to my keeper's frustrations. And since we're both outside of each other's regular bubble, we can see when there's going to be a danger to the bubble. And we can be objective enough and physically distanced enough to be effective bubble keepers.

We don't move in the same circles, thus we cannot be readily identifiable as friends. We are not linked in society's eyes yet we are bonded by our little secret mission of bubble keeping.

Sometimes, one's bubble can get a bit claustrophobic too. It's nice to have someone from the outside explain or look at things from a higher plane. I am thankful for our meeting and being able to keep in each other's lives as protectors.

For my bubble keeper, here is your ODE!

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