Wednesday, March 22, 2006

alzheimers, traveling ...


i hate forgetting. this was one of the reasons i cannot live without an organizer or a planner or just a simple tickler of a notebook. i find it hard to accept the fact that i can forget things. but i know it happens.

but it’s happening more recently these days. it is so disturbing that i’m just thinking of one thing a few seconds earlier and take an action to support it and then all of a sudden, i forget what i was about to do. i just stare for a moment and try to press that rewind button in my head. why am i in this room again? what was i about to get? and the perennial - where are my glasses???

is it a sign? maybe my brain cells are slowly dying with no hope of regenerating. i think i’m nearing that age when my brain cells have become non-renewable resources. maybe it’s all that smoke and alcohol! no, i haven’t started smoking. almost every gimik place here is smoke-filled, so we are not spared. alcohol – i had a few. i hope that hasn’t contributed to my ailing memory.

i remember one of 50 first dates’ patients, ten-second tom or bob is it? i can’t even remember.


i haven’t done a lot of travelling lately. traveling is one of the reason’s why i named this blog wanderer’s tale. i move too much. but for almost two years now, i have been in one country. the first year i was able to go visit my country. the first part of the second year, i was able to go to rome. i loved it. and i wrote about it here.

in a week, we are supposedly going to paris. i’ve never been to paris. the closest thing to france that i’ve gone is crossing the border to do the groceries (that was when i still had a visa) and to visit people in nearby france.

actually, i have been a little bit remiss about traveling lately. i like staying in one place and i can’t be bothered to make long distance trips. i get agitated easily when i know i’m traveling for long periods of time.

but i do love it. it’s just that i’m not in the mood right now.

i think i’m starting to grow temporary roots. but then again, if i was a plant, i would be a water plant. the ones that grow roots and can stay up to catch the light but can easily uproot (is this even possible when you just pull it from water?) and be put in another vase.

my life can be a bit boring sometimes but my friends always find it exciting. it’s either i’m traveling or meeting new people or doing both. it's part of the wanderer's tale.

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star_goddess said...

hey fwend! i'm glad i finally got to visit your blogspot.

reading your stories about losing your eyeglasses and not remembering what you're supposed to remember cracked me up... because i can so relate...

although, those two things are not as humorous as they should be when you're in a mentally-strenuous institution such as where i am now [im not complaining:)]

imagine having your glasses disappear just like that in the library during finals week and when your at your model-insolvent state.

forgetting what you're supposed to say when a dementor pretending to be a professor is in front of you is not just insalubrious but fatale to your dignity as well.

so what's my point? im just happy i got to read your works again... and i wish i could travl again...

i'l definitely be visiting your blogspot as often as i can:)