Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank you God

There was a time in our lives when my family had to split an apple into five so that everybody could have a taste. My mom would buy the most-bruised bananas because it was what we could afford. It was Mamu's policy that no one gets left behind or is left wanting and not being able to taste what's at table. So, early on, we learned to share. And early on, we also learned to guard what was ours what we didn't want to share.

There were times when we'd rather eat outside what little we had so we didn't have to share. Because once you went home and you had food with you, you'd have to share it with everybody.

Now, it's different. God has been good to us. God has been so good that He gave my mom a wonderful job. She gave her the drive, the dream to lift us up from our situation. We no longer had to share one apple. We could now buy grilled cheese from the local McDo, Burger Machine. That was our treat. That was what made us happy. It's what we looked forward to every pay day.

And looking back at where we were, it's made us all appreciate what we have now. Yes, we still feel sometimes that we haven't eaten enough, as if we're going to run out of food, so we eat as much as we can. But at the same time, we've learned to give and to share.

My brothers have become very generous. Gorby would give the shirt of his back to help someone. Paul would always give to the beggars without looking back. Buddy would feed us, his family to our heart's content and Christopher would give of his love when he makes "lambing". I've also learned to share of my talents and resources and not to be so stingy with my time.

God has blessed us with such a wonderful mother who imparted us with such values.

Eating my lunch today I was brought to tears. I can't contain the feeling of blessedness because now, I can buy what I will eat. Be it simple or grand. Today I ate a sumptuous vegetarian sandwich and chickpea soup. It may be simple for some but for me, it was perfect! It brought tears to my eyes to eat every bite and to savour every flavour. We've moved up from the grilled cheese.

And I have God to thank for all of this. My heart wants to explode from the feeling of blessedness.

Thank you God.


Kathleen said...

Thank you for writing this! Please email me!

P.A. said...

Thank you for commenting Kathleen ... what's your e-mail address?