Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Loving like the sandalwood

I was talking to my mom today and she shared with me something new and interesting. I really love talking to my mom exactly because she has so much information to share. Today it was about Sandalwood, how it doesn't "cry" and how God loves us.

She learned in one of her retreats that the tree sandalwood leaves a perfume on the ax that cuts it instead of bleeding or as my said "no bitter cry". I would like to paste here what she said:

Mama: the sandal wood is a tree that when cut leaves its perfume on the ax that cuts it.
Mama: with no bitter cry.
Mama: the song with the same title says true love comes from a broken heart.
Mamal: if the heart is true and the emotion is real.
Mama: remember that.
Mama: so leave perfumes with your true love, anak.
Mama: like CHRIST's .
Mama: HE loves us like the sandalwood.
Mama: HE broke HIMSELF for us.
Mama: and gives us the perfume of HIS Love

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