Tuesday, February 03, 2009

touching moment

talking to my colleague here that looks like julie andrews, i felt so touched by her story of christmas giving. she and her husband gave their garderner in africa a bright red bike so he could travel to and fro to any place he wanted to be. she said she had tears in her eyes as the man began to clap in the way that they do when they are excited and happy. i love stories that tell of self-less giving. it is so moving and it's a reminder that we are not here for ourselves but to be of service to others and to give our lives as testimonies to others so that we are walking witnesses of God's goodness and love. and this story just reminded me of how good we can all be. i had a swollen heart myself listening to my colleague because i can't only see the joy her gardener felt but the joy she felt when she gave it.

how much does it take to give? especially of one's self?

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