Tuesday, February 03, 2009

taming the tongue

they say words are like two-edged swords

... for me ...

it's like a bullet that once released by the cocking of a gun, can kill someone. if unintentional, i pray it doesn't hit any major organs lest i be accused of murder - premeditated murder. at least let there be an exit wound so that the bullet doesn't kill the person while it's lodged in some important body part.

i used to be a "fire-at-will" kind of person shooting my loaded mouth into the major organs of people, leaving a trail of bloody people behind. i hope they survived their wounds though. i'm very sorry for the way i used to be and have become very sensitive nowadays with regard to saying things because i was once hurt by words and it felt like i was stabbed in the heart and the blade was then traced up and down my body (imagine kill bill) to leave me in a state of utter brokenness if not death. only Jesus was able to help me out of that wound and the people that ceaselessly mended me with their kind and loving words. slowly but surely, my wounds grew scabs and i could walk again.

being at the end of that sword is painful, very painful and i would never ever want to inflict that kind of pain ... at least not intentionally. but it sometimes happens that we do open our mouths, forgetting the "safety" of our brains, we let out the words which can't be recuperated. after shooting a gun, one can't run after the bullet because the speed at which it was fired is too quick for our hands.

i read last night in my Bible devotional, Our Companion, that oftentimes, those that utter careless hurtful words don't remember or could care less that their deadly bullets were fired. on the receiving end, the wounded, never forget or limp with broken limbs or broken spirits and hearts.

i felt blessed that i was actually hurt that much because i felt what it was like to be at the receiving end. i would never wish that on any person, friend or foe.

remember to keep the "safety" on at all times. :)

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