Tuesday, February 03, 2009

sweat the big and the small stuff ...

yup, you read it right ... sweat the big and the small stuff ... or so my daily Bible devotional says today. i read that it's so easy to lose one's cool after a busy day and to want only to have one's way at the end of it. but Jesus' example in today's Gospel after healing the old lady which had been hemorrhaging for 12 years, raised a girl-child from the dead and made sure to remind her attendants that she have something to eat too.

it was an eye-opener for me that human as we are, can easily fall into the trap of "i, me, my", and forget about the others that need more attention than our petty concerns. it's difficult, again due to humanity's imperfection, to think of others when we ourselves are overburdened, in pain, suffering and the like. there are those that overcome the self and try to follow Jesus' example - mother teresa for one and the many saints like st. francis who embraced suffering and poverty to serve in God's name and be a man for others.

if God was the most important man of His time, yet He made other people feel that they were the most important in His life ... what prevents us from doing the same?

i remember a friend of mine who recounted a neighbourhood "aunt" who would make her feel special every time she came over as if the world stopped for her and this aunt prepared everything for her arrival and made her feel like she was the only person she was attending to. i sometimes feel like that with certain friends. i feel so blessed that there are still self-less people that make me feel so important and special. i cherish them. i try to do the same for others, although, sometimes, i am lacking.

go out and make someone feel special ... i dare you. :)

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