Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I first heard this song on the first night of Simbang Gabi (novena evening masses) here in Geneva and I was moved. In this season of advent, we are called to rejoice, give joy to others and help those that need it. But it doesn't have to end with advent because Christmas is supposed to be everyday. I hope that the reason for the season will continue to shine brightly in our lives and that we will live a life of service to other men just as the Great Sacrifice did.


D Bm Em A7
We are made for service to care for all men
D Bm Em A7
We are made for love both time and again
G A7 D Bm
A love that will live through sorrow and pain
Em A7 D A7
A love that will never die with strain.

God sent His son to show us the way
One who shares His love every minute of the day
One who gave His life that we might live
And His Spirit to help us through the years.

Life can be so lonely when nobody cares
Life can be so empty when nobody shares
But if man gives himself to help other men
The happiness of Christ will live within.

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