Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ping Lacson visits

Me, Sen. Panfilo "Ping" Lacson, his wife Alice, Gorby, Chris, Mama Posted by Hello

One of the other priviliges of being a diplomat's child is getting to meet people that you would just usually see on TV. Sen. Panfilo Lacson, a Philippine member of the Congress and then vice-president hopeful, is notorious for the Kuratong Baleleng case. I don't know where to put myself in that rub-out, but seeing him face to face, he is quite down-to-earth.

Ping was here for the WTO Symposium.

My mom hosted them as a send-off before they left for home. And as her children, we are expected to entertain her guests. I don't mind so much, especially if the guests are nice to talk to.

As he was watching T.V., his wife, Alice was talking to her friend. I would ask him questions about his travels, the political situation in the Philippines, the recent papal elections, etc. He was quite knowledgeable and seemed not to mind my curiousity.

Our Tita Minda (wonderful household member) prepared tapsilog, a common dish consisting of tapa (beef), sinangag (fried rice, but plain rice was served) and itlog (fried egg). For starters, they had tinola (chicken soup cooked with papaya and malunggay). They had tuyo (dried fish).

The guests didn't seem to mind the simplicity of the dishes. Philippine Ambassador to the UN, Enrique Manalo was also in attendance as well as the Chief of Staff of Ping. Jing and Jeneatte, also part of the senator's staff came along for the trip.

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