Wednesday, April 06, 2005

blog addiction

tell me...when did this blog thing start? it seems that everyone who's anyone has a blog.

is it an inherent dream to become a world-renowned writer someday? surely, with the world wide web as one's audience, that dream is closer to realization that it will ever be.

so, what is it that draws us fellow bloggers to this blogging thingy-ma-jig? why the publishing of our thoughts for any random internet savvy person to stumble upon?

is it therapy? do we find a sense of comfort or of healing or of just plain simple exhalation? or is it the non-reactionary emotional dumping ground that seems to be so attractive? i don't know myself. i like to write. and i don't want to have to repeat every story for every person that comes my way. frankly, i was intrigued by the blog of my friend and i wanted to somehow have one too. or was it that he suggested that i should have one? i don't even remember.

tell me...what about you?


tata said...

the whole blogging en masse bit began around 1997, or so i read. why? i have no idea.

why blog? to stave off hunger for validation. to flatter vanity. to satisfy a justifiable need to vent. boredom? distraction. to convince oneself that one is heard. but that's just me being mean spirited.

Ronnell said...

what tata said.

also throw in for historical value as well as keeping in touch with distant friends (i believe you mentioned this in one of your earlier entries).

p.a. said...

thanks for sharing your views guy and gal...:) perhaps...