Saturday, April 23, 2005

family visit

mama, me, chris, uncle anton (gorby, behind the camera) Posted by Hello

my uncle was just in geneva for two days but it was more quality over quantity. when ever we are posted, it's always a treat to have family visit us because we are usually in some far flung country.

when we were in the states, my uncle from cali got to visit. then, my grandad got to see our place in chicago. my mom's cousin (uncle) worked for us as well as a nearby aunt too. so, it was still all in the family. :)

when we were in abu dhabi, my mom's sis, the 3rd of 11 children, and my grandad got to visit us.

in egypt, my aunt from england visited.

this time in geneva, one of my favorite uncles came for a job interview and we were fortunate enough to be here to see him.

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