Sunday, October 31, 2004

Tortured minds

Why do we put ourselves through hell thinking the unthinkables, complicating simple thoughts of “can’t do anything about its”?

Is it the repressions of past frustrations not vented? Why the oversensitive interpretation of a simple act? And no question asked…easier if asked!

Why do we keep these silent thoughts mute in the midst of communication? Do we like the torture our minds bear in twisting and turning misconceptions?

Do we put shackles in our minds and whip ourselves silly with torrid thoughts…we batter our brains with senseless recourse?

Is it a masochist longing for the pain of thoughts? Can we not think happy thoughts?

Sleepless nights bear witness to these violent abuses…daylight met with utter torments! Can we escape this maniacal mental maze?

Is torture our mind’s medium when sulking in misery's muse?


tintin said...

rejoice, oh goddess, for thou art a gifted thinker. you mistake the gift of profound thinking for pain and horror. if ignorance was bliss, then we would all seek not seek to ponder. but the select few who turn the other way and face the brutal realities head-on, who suffer yet bear it, find recourse at the other end of the passage. (what did i just say? hi ate p.a. i missed you!)

Anonymous said...

Definitely, I don't want my mind tortured... and I don't even think there's anybody who wants theirs tortured either. But then again, if it's the heart speaking to the mind... well, most of the time, the mind couldn't resist. &;p Maybe the question is, is it really your mind doing the torture? Or is it your heart? hehehe. &;p

Oh well, sometimes, you really just have to make your thoughts be heard. Even if that would mean taking risks. Though easier said than done, i guess it's the only way we could free our minds. Then after that, maybe something can actually be done with the "can't do anything about its". Stop thinking about it. Will that do? Hehe. Oh well, I guess I'm just doing the talk but really, making things simple is not really that simple in truth... umm, based from factual experience, of course. hehe.

Bleh! Well, that's the way our minds were made to do. To think. And it's not thinking if it's not tortured. Just be glad for you are blessed with a great mind. Some people don't even have the time or privilege to think like you do. And to think, you're even thinking about thinking. (pansin ko lang, puro think noh?!?) hekhekhek. &;p


Anonymous said...

my advice to you girl from past experiances : vent it then forget it until the occasion arrises to vent it more calmly