Monday, November 05, 2007

big cup of crazy or devil incarnate?

on life's journey, you meet some odd people, some odder than others, some are not just odd but just plain crazy ... i chatted recently with an SFC brother about a woman i met who claimed to be the Holy Spirit ... see the conversation below ...

10:09 PM me: hi shaun ... are you busy
pls pray for me
i don't know if i just had an oppression of sorts
Shaun: hey there..
10:10 PM whats up PA?
me: i just met someone who claimed to be the holy spirit
i thought what a big cup of crazy
i kept on repeating it in my head
coz she was speaking in scripture lsanguage but it was distorted
Shaun: where was this?
10:11 PM me: here in geneva after church
she was introduced by a common friend
who i think was skeptical of her too
Shaun: a vision, dream, apparition? walking..or sleeping?
me: i was talking to her
that's why i said ... either big cup of crazy or the devil himself
10:12 PM Shaun: she said she was the H.S?
what did she talk about?
me: she said she was the annointed one
10:13 PM yes ... she said she was the HS personified
and i said a silent prayer for her and me while we were talking
i kept repeating what a big cup of crazy and that for her to be healed if her crazy talk was borne out of some kind of traumatic experience
10:15 PM Shaun: how did your friend meet her?
me: i asked her and they said that they met in 2000
and she claimed that they were friends (this was the crazy lady) because God had wanted her friend to accommodate her when she came to switzerland because she was doing His work
10:16 PM i felt so sorry for her
she was speaking logically at times then sometimes she was just ranting
Shaun: wow... that is strange..
me: yes ... that's why i need your prayers
Shaun: most definately..
me: the prayer that we pray after a prayover
Shaun: i have never heard of that before..
me: to wash away all that i heard
Shaun: the personification of the H.S
me: yes ... it was bizaare
10:17 PM and i am glad that God gave me strength to not laugh or to just feel for her
10:18 PM Shaun: ya..cause its also kinda last for me to hear this...
I will continue prayers tonight for this person, your friend and you..
did she give any other name? ID?
me: thanks shaun
Shaun: i mean she is she has to be using something...
10:19 PM me: grabeh ... i think you wouldn't have laughed either because she was so serious
what do you mean "using something"?
Shaun: some form of ID to travel with..
10:20 PM what do ou mean by distored srciptual language?
me: she could quote the Bible
perfectly verses and all
but like literal interpretations
10:21 PM she believes that it's her work to call the 144000 people that were supposedly saved in revelation
10:22 PM Shaun: now that wierd, cause i didnt think that was a task of the H.S, but of an archangel.. not that i know a lot of How God's kingdom works.. but the H.S has always been the true being manifested in the eternal Love of Father a d Son, a Love so real its a person..
well.. lets pray for her and your safety..
what ever it is..
me: yes ... thanks shaun
Shaun: if there is truth to be told, May God grant the wisdom of the spritual truth and the knowledge of the worldy truth upon us all
10:23 PM me: worldly truth .. she used that word a lot
she used wisdom too
she said that GOd had given her wisdom and knowledge
Shaun: well, being gifts of the H.S I imagine she would mention most of them ..
me: and that it was a burden for her
10:24 PM Shaun: there's an issue right there.. for the burden would never be laid upon the Love of the Lord..
gifts from God are always good and desirable..
me: sigh ...
10:25 PM she contradicted herself
she said that she was some sort of hero
and she didn't want to die
and because she was doing God's work
Shaun: but death only exists here on earth..
me: it was okay
Shaun: so weird.. PA.. wow.. i praise God that he gave you courage for that
10:26 PM me: she said that there would be a big earthquake in california and that she could see the four corners of teh earth
yes .. me too ... i'm glad that i wasn't enveloped in the twisted package of the devil's work
or whatever it is
Shaun: so she was referring to revalation type events..
10:27 PM me: she referred to the old and new testaments
she said she had done what was written and not had followed what was written
Shaun: hmm.. well. i need to get goign to pick up one of the sfc sisters from her work and take her home.. but we'll pray for you.. and i'll talk with you more later.. May God also grant you rest and calm the child within, so that you may rest easy
me: that in reading the bible she first had to have done those deeds and that she was personified in its pages
10:28 PM Shaun: whoa..hmmm
me: thanks shaun
Shaun: no problem.. I'm here for you if you need anythig else PA.. God Bless
i'll sign on later .. we can chat if its not late for you..
10:29 PM me: ok thanks
Shaun: cya later.. be safe
10:30 PM me: yup
talking talking to donna now
will ask for her prayers too ... you just tell her the details if she ask
Shaun: ok..i'm calling her later to discuss..
God Bless
me: God bless too

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