Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A certain degree of callousness

Moving around has many implications. One is the welcoming hellos but the more painful one is the many goodbyes.

Saying goodbye requires a certain degree of callousness of heart that enables a person to just be able to strike up a friendship without weeping at parting. It allows a person to go on to the next part of the journey invariably intact.

Goodbyes have the tendency to break the heart and wet the eyes as it wells ups with tears with the thought of imminent separation or departure.

A certain degree of callousness is required when you leave the people you love. Just enough to dull the pain or to keep one from suffering from breaking apart or being apart.

Just how much callous must one envelop his or her heart with so that contact will be cherished but removal won't be searing?

Just a certain degree, enough to let go when the time comes to say goodbye.

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