Friday, February 03, 2006


that's the name of the book that "munich" was filmed after. it's an endless cycle of violence. a want for the redress of the death of jewish compatriots who were killed at the hands of arab terrorists.

but where does it all end? one side kills off the other to avenge the death of another. it never ends. and children are born and hatred seems to be inborn. it is a repeated pattern of avenging a kin's death, avenging the death of a loved one, avenging the motherland.

when does it stop? when does violence stop? a phrase my mom uttered is "when the wars of the heart stops, then maybe there could be peace." hatred in the heart brings catastrophies. and "ideological promiscuouity" gives it light. the character louis says, "i get my emotions confused" speaking of hatred, anger, etc. from one ideology to another.

working in the UN system makes it seem utterly useless sometimes when people take matters into their own hands, when principle rules above law and vengeance becomes part of life.

then again, hendrik, a diplomat says, "it's better to fight with words than physically". but how far will words travel if the guns have already fired their shots and blood has been shed in the name of principle which doesn't recognize international treaties but seek to give justice to that spilled blood?

vengeance ... it echoes in the ears of the palestinians that want their land ... it echoes in the minds of the jews that protect israel and claim it for themselves ... it is in every palestinian refugee whose land has been taken away ... it screams in our hearts for every hurt which we've been dealt. so, when does it stop?

is peace really possible with vengeance in our hearts?

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