Tuesday, February 28, 2006

mental sanitation

JINGYAHOO: i mean, write to enjoy. write to "live" life. write to document life's greatest pleasures and greatest miseries.
PA: and she carried her pained expression upon the back of the keyboard
JINGYAHOO: if you get good money out of it, that's just a bonus
PA: she painted with the keys
PA: her wrinkles, her sorrows,
PA: her most intimate ecstasies ... darn i feel like an erotic writer!

some people and i mean me, have a tendency to put things in a certain sanitized, compartmentalized way. it's the oc-ness in me. (read "aviator's" obsessive compulsive disorder.)

my friend jing damaso (read JINGPREETI) pointed out how my writing seems "too perfect" sometimes, removing all emotions from my writing and replacing it with a certain mental sanitation that can be counted among the very white white of laundries. in other words, so clean, you can't see what's behind it.

so, from now on, i will write more boldly not keeping what other people will say in mind and let whatever i feel out! look, dirty laundry all around.

for the people that know me, dirt is one of my worst enemies. but dirt makes the antibodies work. without it, we can die of cleanliness. so, i'm self-administering myself to some enemies so i can be stronger and in the end, keep myself mentally sane.

for those that may react badly to my writing and get shocked by following entries, i warned you! the gloves are off.


JoNnABeBeH said...

nice to hear about that.ΓΌ welcome to the world of... strippers!?!? ahahahaha!


p.a. said...

hahaha. very funny! let the show begin! prepare your eyes!

tontoronton said...

oooh a must see