Thursday, September 08, 2005

Turning a quarter of a century

It's just 30 minutes more till midnight and I would have been 25 years old for a day. I just finished reading my bday greetings from Friendster and I haven't begun to read my e-cards and email messages.

I feel so blessed on my special day as friends both here and abroad sent their birthday greetings. It feels good to be remembered and it feels twice special when the people you least expect greet you.

Thank you to all of you who made this day special. For the morning greetings from my brothers in the Philippines. For my mother's red and white roses that I woke up to this morning. For being able to go to Mass on my special day and the priest blessing me. For the house guest who in our momentary encounter gave me something for my bday. It was unexpected. For another friend who shares my birthday and greeted me.

For the greetings of my brothers here and the help they gave to my little party. For the delivered bouquet of flowers that was meant as a surprise. For my family and friends who attended the party and gave me special gifts, both handmade and thoughtfully bought as well as heirlooms. For those that graced the occasion with their presence, I feel truly blessed.

I am thankful for such a truly blessed day. For God who is so good, who continues to bless me despite my inequities.

Thank you...for letting me live a quarter of a century. If I should live to see my golden year, let me grow in wisdom and love.

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tontoronton said...

i see the handa ah >> so pinoy. hahahahahaha