Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nothing to do...

It's a little bit after 2 p.m. and I have nothing to do ... I just visited a friend's blog [TIN] and I was laughing hilariously. She's such a great writer! For those who haven't visited her website, what are you waiting for??? I totally recommend it!


I am sitting in my little shared office space at the ILO and I am waiting for some work. I did this in June and was able to finish reading the Da Vinci's Code then. After coming back just this month, I finished Memoirs of a Geisha . I tried to start The Brethren but I didn't like it much. So, I am just passing my time sitting here and updating my increasingly Jurassic blog.

Looking up the word Jurassic, I just found out that it refers to the Jura Mountains found at the border of Switzerland and France. I never knew.

Well, back to my non-eventful day... Well, it just is... so uneventful.

When I was younger, I quit my job because I didn't do much but this time around I just can't. There aren't a lot of choices and for the pay that they give me, who wouldn't be happy to sit around and do nothing all day?

Being in the typing pool sometimes is boring but when the work comes it can also be a bit overwhelming. A little inside look into what I do: The "desk" assigns work to each typist in the pool; attached to the work is a blue fiche that states where the document came from and what should be done to it; you have to fill it in with your name, the number of pages you've done and who you checked the document with. (After a couple of days here, I didn't quite get the hang of the fiche thing and forgot to put the pages I've done or the date and the hour I submitted. Thanks to the many models supplied to us, I now have a memory aid.) Checking is the hardest part of the process. Sometimes, we are given "lots" which are documents to be formatted and may number some 60 pages. After you format or incorporate the changes, it has to be "checked" which is essentially reading it aloud with a colleague who checks the documents for formatting and style requirements. Checking can last eight hours in itself. On the fiche provided, we have to total up the time we've spent working on a certain document. Then we return it to the desk to be either sent to REPRO (reproduction) or back to whoever sent the document.

That's what is usually done in the typing pool. But these days, there isn't much work so the typists or more politically correctly called, "text processing operators" just goes to the alternative worksite, Yahoo! Games. The favorite here is Text Twist.

This is much better than my last job where when you have nothing to do, you shouldn't read a book or do anything. You should just sit there. It doesn't matter if you aren't productive, you just have to sit there. So, you pretend to look busy so that you won't be scolded for reading. Hmmm...That was a bit of an irony.

It's now a bit over 2:30 p.m. and still no work...I wonder if some will come today. Back to the alternative worksite for me!

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