Monday, August 16, 2004

time after time...

tick, tock, tick, tock...

we watch and hear the clock...

sometimes, time doesn't come fast enough. sometimes, it isn't enough. sometimes, it's running away from us.

the days have gone so fast here in geneva that i have to catch my breath sometimes when a long day tries to fit in the 24 hours allotted it. but sometimes, it's as slow as a turtle and you just can't wait for the day to be over.

i've been here for four months but i've just been working for two months. the first two months here passed without any life-altering events and it felt like time was at a stand still. but even if it was, it felt like time was running away. the days passed and i would wake up and i realize another week had passed by.

at work, i feel like i've been here forever. that's not necessarily a bad thing because i do want to stay on for a while. it's more difficult than i imagined to find a job here. so, i stay on...

some days in the office are like whirlwinds. you arrive in the morning and you run around doing errands and accomplishing daily tasks and when you look up at the computer clock, it's time to leave. some days are plagued with nothingness and boredom, you have to put toothpicks in your eye to stay awake.

but time, is it really on our side? people say, "there are two constants in life - time and change." the two are complementary but time is more forceful and evident.

are we slaves of time? or are we simply lacking time management skills? is it possible to really do everything in a given time period?

time after time, we ask questions like these.

i'm turning 24 in a few weeks and i ask questions like these: what have i done with my life? is it befitting a 24 year old? have i accomplished enough in that short life? soon, i'll be a quarter of a century old. then, would i have become wiser? does time really guarantee wisdom? are we like wines that get better with age? or are we just fruits that wait to rot?

do we spend more time thinking rather than doing? how should it be divided?

these are questions no one can really answer but ourselves. and let's just pray that we have time on our hands to do and to think. (not necessarily in that order)

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sgcray said...

Well you know the words - wanderer of time, when searched into google, brought me to your page. So I guess that would make you one. It's the eternal search isnt it!!