Tuesday, August 17, 2004

seasons a' change

(this is my second attempt at this as my previous masterpiece was swallowed up by the world wide web and all i have to show for it is a lousy “protocol error, please contact the blah and blah to see what might have caused this error.”)

when visiting many countries you have many experiences with the weather, no, not the occasional rainy or sunny forecast the weather lady speaks of in the morning news but the downpour of rain and its contrasting sunny days in tropical countries; the freezing sleet and the blizzard snow (the stuff mr. frosty is made of), the tempting spring breeze, the half-baked summers, and the beautiful autumns in temperate countries; or the searing heat that gives meaning to the phrase, “it’s like an oven in here” while in the middle east.

the seasons are changing in geneva now. the weather is taking the summer as greedily as it has given it. it was one month of continuous sunshine spotted with occasional rain. but now the rains slam against the window panes. i find myself wearing a cardigan to meet the nippier air and the window is slightly ajar and not widely open. autumn is on its way. catch: it’s only august and not even the end of the month yet. soon, september will pave the way for the snows of winter’s temper.

pockets full of rain

life is like the seasons (not an original of mine, wink*). when we come to a country we are like the weather stirring up the atmosphere. we are either cold or warm fronts depending on the people we meet or the circumstances we’re in. but what do we often choose?

we often choose to be a cold front because it’s safer and we have nothing to lose. we only run the risk of thawing but we can freeze right up again when the temperature is right. being a warm front (especially if you’re not naturally warm) takes a lot of work. you have to maintain a warm and comfortable situation or as the case may be, keep the people happy. by being warm you risk the exposure of nakedness, if not completely, we can’t hide the exposed skins of warmth. we are comfortable and vulnerable at the same time; unlike being a cold front where a sweater will do the job at covering your unsightly spots. When you’re warm, you cannot hide behind a glacier.

warm fronts are readily welcomed by other warm fronts or a cold front can give way to it. but meeting a cold front can only result in thunder and lightning. when the storm has passed only one will remain – cold or warm. but people being as predictable as the weather, the storms never come to pass. it is a continuous cycle of storms spotted with the occasional calms often carrying pockets full of rain. thus, the seasons of life.


clang said...

lovely piece of work PA! sayang, nabasa ko rin sana yung una -- ok lng yan :)

gawa ka pa marami, this one actually made me want to travel. remember the half a dozen of worldtours i turned down back in kg? after reading this, i wish i did go na lng...haaay :(

WMA said...

Hi there...came across your blog..I have been on the road for 6 weeks through Europe. I have been blogging it...however it is more a travel journal. It is easier for me this way and I have several dozens of family friends and colleagues following it. It only makes sense if read chronologically to some extent. I am on a nine country tour. I wanted to encourage you to keep writing. Let it all pour out ... and I have some questions about getting pictures on this thing up and running...I have tried but am a little on the tech dum dum side...traveling with laptop...hope you get this...I am at wanderman@comcast.net so you can see how I foudn your blog Wanderer! The email is actaully my first initial and then last name...complee coincidence.. (I am on a corporate sabbatical for the summer and begining of fall...)