Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Something borrowed ...

What is your concept of time? How do you see time? Where do you see your life or your death on that time concept?

That was what was asked of us at the last Liturgical Renewal Day held a few weeks ago. We were preparing for the season of Advent.

What is Advent? Advent is the time of preparation for the coming of the Lord.

It is that four weeks before Christmas day where we light the four candles in the wreath. One in rose pink stands out signaling that one week remains and it is with great anticipation that we await the coming of Christ.

So, this wait was translated into illustrating our concept of time. We were given many materials ranging from cereal boxes to magazines to paper towel rolls. Some made 3D models of their concept of time. But with so many people, not everyone was able to share what they had made and what their concept of time was.

On that time concept, you had to place yourself - where you see the beginning of life, where it ends and what are your achievements.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, I created a passbook, one similar to that of a savings account at a bank. My account name was my given name and my opening date was my earthly birth. The credits to my account were the times I came closer to being with God - the times of illness and near death. The debits or the withdrawals were the years spent on earth. My concept of time was borrowed.

Only God knows how long we will live and how long we have to spend on this earth. But we don't know. For me, since I don't know, I think every moment and every minute is borrowed and at the same time a gift.

I could have died in a car accident last Saturday when a car came from nowhere on the highway merging into my lane. But it was not my time yet. Many people die each day, some in their sleep. And that time before they joined the creator is all borrowed.

So, at the opening of my account with God, I received birth bonds: bond of Christ, Love and a life bar shaped liked a gold bar. Similar to a bank, you are able to invest in bonds. The bonds of Christ are the moments in our lives that God has shown Himself and seeks us out so we can be closer to Him. The love of Christ is the interest that grows with every deposit. Deposits being the ways that we make active choices to acknowledge God. Love is free and grows exponentially. The life bar is our life and we receive only one bar when we are born. We are free to do with it as we like.

With Christmas just around the corner, what is it that you are waiting for? What are you preparing for? What is time for you? And how will you spend it?

This Christmas I hope that all of you will have time to reflect on the year past and the coming year. May it be a time dedicated to Christ. May the Child Jesus be the reason for the season and may His love abound in all our families, in our hearts, today and always.

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