Monday, September 17, 2012

It's alive!!!

It's alive!!! Looking at the page views of this page, I have decided to go back to this medium copying my works into Facebook and hopefully, Google will not decide one day to get rid of it.

I am of course referring to the change in vision of Multiply where I used to religiously post my picture and stories. Now, I have to really take my writing seriously as there is no use not to practise my craft.

Communicate, communicate has been the message for the week and how it plays into leadership. Leadership has been thrust in my face since I was small. I am always hesitant to take a leadership role but I seem to be chosen every time.

So, why alive? Alive because I have found the veins in my blood screaming words. Words that need to be written down. And whether the medium is Multiply, Facebook or blogger, words must flow.

And I have to communicate them well so that I can give birth to my masterpiece.

Thank you Multiply for being there for me when I needed a canvass for my work. I hope that you will find a new peace in  your new chosen field.

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