Wednesday, December 28, 2005

First Christmas abroad …

In a long time that is … This is the first Christmas since 2002 that I had spent abroad. I had been in the Philippines the previous years with its usual joviality and often prolonged celebrations.

It is a fact that the Philippines has the longest Christmas celebration starting when the months hit "ber". So, from September to the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6, Filipinos celebrate Christmas by playing Christmas songs on the radio, putting up Christmas lights and other decors in their houses and shopping in Christmas-ready stores.

I was a little worried that it would be a sad Christmas here because I had heard my family and other Filipinos complain about it. But this year, I think it wasn't so bad. Actually, I can call it a typical Filipino Christmas. It's the people that make it so not the place.

My family and I went to Midnight Mass to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ then we had Noche Buena which is Spanish for "Good Evening" but I think we just have it to mean good dinner. So we stuffed ourselves with traditional Filipino food.

We had some guests over and we had someone from the UNAIDS. She's British-Candadian and had previously been assigned to the Philippines and brought along her own magic mic to the party. It was great!

We were dancing to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" and singing to songs strummed by a family friend. I wouldn't have known I wasn't in the Philippines. It was just as happy to celebrate Christmas or even happier.

It's also the first time in a long time that I've given gifts again. I didn't have enough money before to give everyone a gift but this time I was able to buy everyone in my family and some friends gifts. I am flat broke but I am happy to know they are happy. I guess that's why it's called the "Season of Giving".


JoNnABeBeH said...

hello ate pa! 'di ko lam kung natanggap mo 'ung msg ko sa cell mo. ehehe. ANyway, i hope 'di pa naman huli ang lahat. hehe. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year sa 'yo & sa family mo! mukhang enjoy ang christmas jan. &;p

happy rin dito kasi umuwi mom ko. first time n'ya rin ulit makauwi for christmas since nung umalis s'ya nung 2000. dito rin sha mag-celebrate ng 60th bday kaya happy talaga.

nwei, sige, un na lang muna. happy new year na lang ulit & merry xmas! enjoy! mwah! &;p

tintin said...

sorry i only got to greet you now!

but i hope you have a wonderful new year ahead of you! :)

Love you very much!

P.s. I agree with agsy. Your new hair rocks. :)

jigglypoofy said...

awww it would be great to celebrate Christmas again-filipino style! glad to know you had a good celebration =) (and sorry this comment is late!) ... it'd also be nice to have a complete family when celebrating Christmas - with cousins and maybe lolos and lolas who have passed away. but i guess we'd have to wait till we get to heaven for that X) nyok!

i hope we can meet up again nyeheh! nabitin ako sa "jamming session" natin last time eh... i couldn't separate tita from the guitar; she seemed to enjoy playing it after so long of being guitar-deprived XD tsaka catch up on other stuff =) take care, missy!!! XD